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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services for Local Business

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services for Local Business

We Fix Underperforming Websites

We Fix Underperforming Websites

Is Your Website Consistently Attracting Your Dream Customers?

If it isn’t, that’s a problem. But a fixable one!

A Place in the Sun is an SEO company that specializes in revenue-focused local search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that attract and engage your dream customers.

Our clients trust our long track record of success because our strategy is rooted in attaining the top positions with strict adherence to Google-approved methodologies.

Local Search Marketing: Organic SEO With a Twist!

Investing in Local SEO ensures that your website is being  found by your dream customers  at precisely the right time. When they’re looking for you!

“Earned media”, as it’s called, refers to the  organic sections of Google are where the vast majority of users look for answers , in particular for local products and services. The ONLY way to push your content onto those top pages is to prove that you’re the RIGHT resource – that’s where we come in!

Search engine results pages (SERPS) are dynamic and are constantly evaluating web content and determining inbound proof of authority. Investing in an intelligently strategized  Local SEO Campaign is the key to letting Google know your business  will provide the best user experience and therefore rank you highly.

Pedro was wonderful to work with! Our organization went from not being found even when you typed our name to now ranking number 1!

Jeanine Hatcher
Executive Director - GenesisHope

Pedro was perfect for this project - quick to ask for what he needed to produce exactly the right impact for us. Thank you!

Duncan H.
Worldwide Veterinary Service

Pedro was communicative, intuitive, professional, and comprehensive. I would 100% recommend him for any SEO project!

Irene T.
Friends of L'Arche Atlanta Inc.

Pedro was extremely helpful and knowledgable regarding all things SEO. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their SEO!

Katherine Y.
Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project Inc.

Pedro went above and beyond on our project. His passion for SEO is evident, and his energy is unparalleled. Thank you Pedro!!! You are the best!

Bella R.
Artistic Freedom Initiative

It was a pleasure working with Pedro! He went over and beyond with his delivery from start to finish. Grateful we were able to work with him!

Dare Humanity

Are you ready to spark new customer connections?

Are you ready to spark new customer connections?

Engage Smarter. Connect Deeper.

Engage Smarter. Connect Deeper.

Results-driven web design aims at creating the most profitable impact for your business. It means having a website that makes you feel confident sending potential customers to and knowing it’s attracting and engaging the people you want to work with.

That includes consistently generating new leads and creating a user experience that converts those leads into customers like a rock star.

Our team has been tailoring websites that drive results since before Google existed. We specialize in the kind of leads-focused precision research, conversion-focused customer-centric design and ongoing traffic strategy know-how to elevate your business to where you want to be.

Digital expertise applied with precision to attract and convert leads into sales

Research & Planning

Indepth customer and industry-specific keyword research to truly understand your customer’s service expectations

SEO Best Practices

On page and technical SEO to boost your brand visibility and enhance your website’s organic search performance

Customer Journey

Customer-centric, aesthetically pleasing web design to create a rewarding and optimal user experience for your customers

Actionable Insights

Best-in-class metrics that allow for holistic performance measurement and reveal opportunities and insights

Based in Slocan, Nelson, Castlegar, New Denver BC

A Place in the Sun Digital Marketing has its headquarters in sunny Slocan British Columbia. Our other offices are in Kitchener-Waterloo,in Ontario, David in Panama and Valencia in Spain.

Nestled in the mountainous bosom of the Selkirk Mountain Range of the West Kootenay, BC, the Village of Slocan is a beautiful, peaceful community located in the gentle south end of Slocan Lake (itself corraled by the majestic Arrow, Trout and Kootenay lakes) where the Slocan River begins.

Slocan BC

Located near Nelson, Castlegar, New Denver and Lemon Creek, Slocan is home to a wonderful and flourishing community of friendly and fine people.

It features many gorgeous places to see and visit including the Slocan Lake Beach & Gazebo, the Springer Creek RV Park and Campground, Tenacity Skate Park, Slocan Valley Rail Trail, the Slocan Owl Walk nd the Valhalla Provincial Park. Residents enjoy all sorts of nature activities such as hiking, kayaking, canoeing and rock climbing, as well as the nearby Valley View Golf Club.

How Slocan Got Its Name

Before the turn of the 20th century, especially the 1890’s, Slocan was booming with prospectors looking for gold and silver (of which there was a great deal) complete with saloons, hotels and railcars reminiscent of the picturesque wild west.

At one time abundant with wild salmon, the name “Slocan” is derived from the Kutenai language of the Kutenai people (of the British Columbia, Montana and Idaho areas). It means “to strike or pierce on the head” based on the Kutenai custom and practice of harpooning salmon.

Passionate About Your Success

We love seeing our clients win and believe that your business, organization or side hustle deserves it’s own place in the sun. 

Get in touch if you would like to explore having us set you up with:


Results-Driven Website

Customized sales-optimized website


Strategic, Managed SEO

You already have a website but it’s not generating the kind of traffic and opportunities you need it to.

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